Downhill Cycling Tour Experiences!
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Tour Program

Firstly we will pick you up from your hotel by A/C van , than drive you to a coffee plantation ( part of ecology tour), to see how's coffee and cocoa are growing. We will also give you a chance to tasted the product of coffee, and tea what they produce, and also we served a banana pancake for your light breakfast. After the coffee plantation will takes only 10 minutes drive to the starting point, where we will start cycle along the secret back roads through the village ( no traffict) gently downhill for approximately 2,5 hours ( 18 kilometers)

During the bike tour, we will visit a Balinese compound and go for a short walk in the rice paddies. Throughout the tour there will be many opportunities to stop and take photographs, and interact with friendly local people! We will also stop at one of the many village temples, where you will be given detailed information about the Balinese lifestyle by our friendly tour guide.

To end the tour you will be driven another 10 minutes to a traditional Balinese home (Made's House - The Owner of The Company) for lunch, where you will enjoy a delicious of Made's Wife Home Cook, (vegetarian option available).

Tour Itinerary
Visit one of the coffee plantations is one part of the tour, where you will see firsthand the coffee and cocoa plants grow. And here also you will see and know about how the process of making coffee which is very famous all over the world, which is called civet coffee. (LUWAK COFFEE) not only see and know it, but you also will be served free of charge from the coffee plantation owners to sample the types of coffee, chocolate and many different types of tea made from herbs and spices.
Along the route we will see many rice terraces, and here you will get a chance to do a lot of photos, and also our guide will take you for a short walk in the paddy field, and will many knowledge that you get from our tour guide such as: how mutual aid system paddy fields, irrigation systems and crop rotations and many others.
During the bike trip you will have a chance to visit a school in a village ( primary school ) , where you will see and learn a lots about the education in Bali since how they get to the school, how and why they wearing three different uniform In a weak , even also you will have a chance for interactive with them .
Here we will invite you to enter and see firsthand how the life of the Balinese in the family. and they will be happy to welcome you. Here you will find out how much their daily lives, from how their relationships with their families, as well as their relationships with their neighbors, and see how they keep building tradition Bali passed down by ancestors up in modern times. with no change in the position, structure, and function of the building itself.
Here you will be given details information about the temple from the how’s and why’s of daily offerings. Also share experiences with the friendly local people about Balinese lifestyle and cast system in Bali.
For lunch, you will enjoy your lunch at Made’s house, where all the dishes were made and prepare by Made’s wife. (vegetarian option available)

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